Über die Anwendungsgrenztemperatur feuerfester Baustoffe

Abstract: When a refractory material is used as a kiln construction material, its maximum service temperature plays a major role. It varies greatly with the conditions of use such as one- or two-sided heating, continuous or discontinuous operation and corrosive environment. In this article the basic relationships are described.

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Palco, Š., Tomšu, F. & Ulbricht, J. Über die Anwendungsgrenztemperatur feuerfester Baustoffe. Keram. Z. 72, 32–37 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s42410-020-0153-9

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  • Keywords: Feuerfestmaterial
  • Anwendungsgrenztemperatur
  • Industrieofenbau
  • Einsatzbedingungen