Computer-Navigated Total Knee Replacement with GRAFTJACKET (Allograft) to Improve Patella Tracking in Osteoarthritic Valgus Knee with Chronic Patella Dislocation


Chronic prolonged dislocation of the patella is a challenging condition for an arthroplasty surgeon. It usually presents as severe arthritis of the knee with a valgus and fixed flexion deformity. It often requires total knee replacement, but the challenge is to achieve satisfactory patella tracking and avoid recurrent dislocation. Many different options to manage this condition have been described in the literature, but to our knowledge the use of GRAFTJACKET allograft to achieve satisfactory patella tracking has not been reported before. We have achieved satisfactory patella tracking with this technique and wish to share our experience of this rare but challenging condition.

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  • Chronic dislocation of patella
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patella tracking