CuO Modified CaTiO3 for NTCR Thermistor Application


CuO modified CaTiO3 ceramics exhibit logarithmic increase of resistance with decreasing temperature, which makes the compound well suited for use as a negative temperature coefficients resistance thermistor material in temperature sensing device applications. The source powder production, the experimental set-up, the process parameters and the resulting properties for each are presented and compared. Ca1−XCuXTiO3 (0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7) synthesized by High Energy Ball Mill. The phase purity of the source powder and the films was assessed by X-ray diffraction. The electrical properties were analysed by measuring the resistance–temperature characteristics. Steinhart and Hart model and time response analysis used for the verification and potential towards the thermistor industry. Experimental result shows potential of all samples in thermistor industry because of exponential electrical resistance with temperature. Time response analysis revels materials response potential to temperature also variation of response time due to effect of doping concentration variation. The sensitivity (β value found to be in the range of 4482–8001 K which is comparable to other potential thermistor industry material already in use. The aim of this experiment to introduce new thermistor material with matching electrical parameters.

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