Experimental study of an ellipsoidal particle in tube Poiseuille flow


Behaviors of a prolate ellipsoid inside circular tube Poiseuille flow are studied experimentally. In the study, Reynolds number Re ∈ (100,700) and the confinement ratio D/A ∈ (1.2,2.8) are considered, where D is the diameter of the tube and A is the length of the major axis of the ellipsoid. Two typical stable motion modes are identified, namely, the horizontal, and inclined modes. Then another inclined mode (inclined mode II) is found at high Reynolds number (Re ∈ (1000,3200)) and small D/A, and the inclined angle of ellipsoid increases with the increase of Re. The possible mechanism is explained. Our experiment shows that the lagging velocity U increases as Re increases. Further numerical analysis using FLUENT shows that due to the increase of U, the moment acting on the particle would make the inclined angle of the particle increase.

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