Dentin hypersensitivity management

  • Cor van Loveren
  • Patrick R. Schmidlin
  • Luc C. Martens
  • Bennett T. AmaechiEmail author
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Dentin hypersensitivity (DH) is a short sharply painful reaction of the exposed and innervated pulp–dentin complex in response to stimuli being typically thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, or chemical which reaction cannot be attributed to any dental defect or pathology. To be hypersensitive, dentin must be exposed and the exposed tubules must be open and patent to both the oral cavity and the pulp. Clinical examination for DH would include a pain provocation test by a tactile stimulus, an evaporative air stimulus, or a cold stimulus. A number of dental conditions can give rise to pain symptoms, which may mimic those of DH. Therefore, careful examination is necessary to exclude the conditions, which need different treatment options. When the patients do suffer from DH, there is a broad range of treatment options comprising home-use and professional approaches. It is advised to start with the less invasive home-use therapies and only expand to professional in office treatments when the home-use treatments are not effective. Most DH therapy work by either nerve desensitization or occlusion of exposed dental tubules. This article described the different treatment options available for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.


Gingival recession Sensitive teeth Dentin hypersensitivity treatment Dentin hypersensitivity diagnosis Dentin tubule occlusion 

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