Correction to: Zonal based approach for clustering in heterogeneous WSN

  • Pawan Singh Mehra
  • M. N. Doja
  • Bashir Alam

1 Correction to: Int. j. inf. tecnol.

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake: The sign "<" was repeatedly used incorrectly in Sect. 4. The correct information is given below.

The original article has been corrected.

Section 4 “Proposed work”, third paragraph should read:

Zone 1: NN are deployed randomly in this zone. This zone has one region which lies between 60>=Y>=40 and 100>=X>=0.

Zone 2: Zone 2 has NN and AN with two regions lying between 80>=Y>=60 and 100>=X>=0 & 40>=Y>=20 and 100>=X>=0.

Zone 3: It consists of only AN scattered over two regions lying between 100>=Y>=80 and 100>=X>=0 & 20>=Y>=0 and 100>=X>=0.

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