The Hindi to Dogri machine translation system: grammatical perspective

  • Preeti Dubey
Original Research


This paper is a part of the research work done to develop a machine translation system (MTS) to convert Hindi text into Dogri. The process of machine translation includes various key activities such as preprocessing, POS tagging, transliteration, word order alignment, translation, morphological analysis, etc.; but it is not mandatory to include all of them in every MTS. The inclusion of these activities varies depending on the languages undertaken and also the approach used for its development. The first and the foremost step for the development of any MTS, is to study and analyze the languages undertaken. This paper presents a comparative study of Hindi and Dogri keeping in view machine translation. This study has helped in the selection of the approach of translation, the preprocessing activities to be applied on the source text, for developing rules for inflectional analysis and other activities to be done for processing some special cases pertaining to Dogri. The grammatical and inflectional analysis of Hindi and Dogri is presented in this paper.


Analysis Hindi Dogri Machine translation Grammar 


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  1. 1.Govt. College for Women, Parade, Jammu Higher Education DepartmentJ&K Govt.JammuIndia

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