Lightweight Design worldwide

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"A masterpiece of joining technology will cause a real headache in terms of recycling"

  • Thomas Siebel

Lightweight design is changing the mix of materials used in the car. Established metallic materials are being joined by composites such as CFRPs and sandwich materials. This is a challenge for the recycling industry, as Ansgar Fendel, Managing Director of Remondis, explains in the interview. It will become increasingly difficult to achieve the required recycling quotas for end-of-life vehicles in coming years. Lighter vehicles consume less fuel and give off fewer emissions. At the same time, increasing use is being made of fiber composite materials or plastic-metal hybrids. Do you think that lightweight design is an environmentally friendly technology?

Fendel: That's an interesting question to which there is no easy answer. The argument is plausible from the perspective of reducing emissions and fuel consumption, but from a recycling perspective, the situation is clearly different. It is apparent that the increased use of lightweight design increases the complexity...

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