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One-step Series Production of Hybrid Components with Visible Surfaces

  • Mesut Cetin
  • Christian Herrmann
  • Stefan Schierl

Using a center armrest as an example, Krauss Maffei is presenting the first series application of the Fiberform process synchronized with a swivel plate injection molding machine. Processing organo sheets and over-molding a thermoplastic elastomer in one production step reduces the costs and weight of the component and is ideal for visible components.

Soft Surface without Post-mold Processing

The high cost pressure on OEMs and their suppliers demands a high level of functional integration in the production of components, together with very short cycle times. At the same time, requirements regarding vehicle weight are also increasing. Electrification and increasing demands on comfort and safety in the automotive industry are leading to an increase in weight that has to be offset by reducing the weight of components.

Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) offer good weight-specific mechanical properties. Thanks to their high strength values and low weight at the same time, continuous...

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  • Mesut Cetin
    • 1
  • Christian Herrmann
  • Stefan Schierl
  1. 1.Krauss Maffei Oberding-SchwaigGermany

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