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Sustainable Use of Carbon Fibers through CFRP Recycling

  • Tim Rademacker
  • Marc Fette
  • Günter Jüptner
Cover Story

CFK Valley Stade Recycling uses the pyrolysis process for recycling CFRP waste. Composites made from recovered carbon fibers have comparable and in some cases even better mechanical properties than reference materials. This enables the sustainable and economical use of carbon fibers in the aviation and automotive industry.

Recycling Inevitable

The Carbon Fiber (CF) market is rapidly growing. Due to new applications and an increasing interest in lifestyle products made of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), experts anticipate an increase in global CFRP production waste to 20,000 to 30,000 t per year by 2025.

Terms such as innovation, resource conservation and sustainability are increasingly present in our way of thinking. Therefore, CFK Valley Stade Recycling does not only focus on the disposal of CFRP waste but on the recycling and recovery of high-quality carbon fibers in order to re-introduce them to the market as CarboNXT products. Besides a short overview of the recycling...

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  • Tim Rademacker
    • 1
  • Marc Fette
  • Günter Jüptner
  1. 1.CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbHWischhafenGermany

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