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Plastics with Unidirectional Reinforcement for the Series

  • Yoshito Kuroda

When it comes to lightweight solutions, materials like steel and aluminum have little more to offer in the way of optimization potential, but fiber- reinforced plastics do. Thermoplastics, in particular reinforced with tapes made of continuous fibers, offer great potential. A new process is finally paving the way for this material to enter mass production.

Beset with challenges ranging from Dieselgate to vehicle bans in German cities, the automotive sector is under immense pressure to cut vehicle emissions. No more than 95 g/km of CO2is what the vehicles of the future will be allowed to emit - from as early as 2020, if the European Union has any say in it. To meet this target, automotive OEMs have two basic options at their disposal for conventional-drive vehicles: they can improve engine efficiency or reduce vehicle weight. With engineers working intensely on both issues, weight reduction is an area that still offers considerable potential - particularly given the advent of...

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