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Interdisciplinary areas in science have seen a rapid progress in recent years because of collaborations among scientists and engineers towards the design of materials to benefit mankind. Immunoengineering is one such discipline which brings in biologists and material scientists together. The first issue of 2018 “Immunoengineering: from biologics to biomaterials” compiled by Siddharth Jhunjhunwala from the Center for Biosystems Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science presents five topical review articles from experts belonging to diverse academic background. The authors have extensively reviewed various aspects of immunology and engineering and Siddharth has meticulously brought in the flavor of both biology and materials design.

On behalf of our entire editorial team, I wish to thank all the authors who have contributed the articles to this issue. I thank the working team in the journal office at IISc towards the on-time completion of this issue. We are now entering the second year of our co-publication efforts with Springer and I also thank their team for the support in getting the issue in its final shape.

I would also like to bring to the notice of the readers that we have successfully completed 10 years of publishing, the only multidisciplinary reviews journal from India. I wish to place on record the dedication and involvement of our editorial board members and the selfless services rendered by our editorial office and the constant encouragement received from Professor Balaram and Professor Anurag Kumar, the past and the present Directors, in this context.

T. N. Guru Row


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