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The editorial board of the Journal of Formative Design in Learning (JDFL) is pleased to present the latest issue of our journal.

This edition consists of selected articles from the 1st Annual JFDL Writers’ Workshop that was held last fall 2019 in conjunction with the AECT Annual Convention. Based on the success of that event, we are pleased to be able to make this an annual event that will be tied to the conventions. While the intent of the workshop is to gather together in small group roundtables, we will be hosting the workshop this year in a virtual format.

We would like to thank the folks at Arizona State University, specifically Danah Henricksen, Michelle Jordan, and their chair, Punya Mishra, for suggesting last year that we create a special issue of the journal based on a single concept: design thinking. After much discussion, we decided to extend the idea of our bi-annual Research Symposia and make it an annual event that is connected to the AECT convention in the form of the workshop. This year’s event has a brand new focus, as noted in the call for that event that was sent out to members recently.

This result is a perfect example of our using design thinking that was the theme of last year’s event and come up with a solution that looks very different (and very much more meaningful) than the concept that was originally proposed.

We preface this issue with a prologue of Brad Hokanson’s thoughts on design thinking and creativity with a few edits that we feel serves as a very unique and timely way to introduce the topic.


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