Embracing social big data in wireless system design

  • Yonggang Wen
  • Han Hu
  • Fang Liu
Research Paper


The past decade has witnessed explosive growth in wireless big data, as well as in various big data analytics technologies. The intelligence mined from these massive datasets can be utilized to optimize wireless system design. Due to the open data policy of the mainstream OSN (Online Social Network) service providers and the pervasiveness of online social services, this paper studies how social big data can be embraced in wireless communication system design. We start with our first hand experience on crawling social big data and the principal of social-aware system design. Then we present five studies on utilizing social intelligence for system optimization, including community-aware social video distribution over cloud content delivery networks, public cloud assisted mobile social video sharing, data driven bitrate adjustment and spectrum allocation for mobile social video sharing, location-aware video streaming, and social video distribution over information-centric networking.


wireless big data social media data analytics video streaming game theory 


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