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The Archaeology of American Mining

Paul J. White, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, 2017. 196 pp., 36 figs. $74.95 cloth
  • Robin O. Mills
Book Review

Finally. Finally there is a volume dedicated to the archaeological investigation of historical mining-related sites in the United States. Despite archaeological investigations at mine sites dating back to 1924, with the excavation of a dam associated with Sutter’s Mill in California, no one has attempted a synthesizing overview of the state of this subfield. Paul J. White’s volume, The Archaeology of American Mining, the latest edition of the “American Experience in Archaeological Perspective” series, fills this void.

The volume focuses on historic-era resources, those dating to and after colonial European American expansion into the continent; precontact Native American mining and quarrying activities are not assessed. The book is divided into six chapters, as well as an introduction and a conclusion. As expected, the introduction lays out the contents of the volume: a national-level synthesis, an outlining of key findings, and a presentation of select studies as examples to...

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