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Contemporary Archaeology and the City: Creativity, Ruination, and Political Action

Laura McAtackney and Krysta Ryzewski (editors), Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2017. 278 pp. 34 figs., 16 color plates, 1 table, notes on contributors, index. $105.00 cloth
  • Christopher N. Matthews
Book Review

This book is a collection of 12 case studies in urban contemporary archaeology with research presented on cities in the United States, Ireland, Turkey, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil. The book is the result of a scholarly workshop on the “Archaeologies of the Present: Critical Engagement with Post-Industrial Urban Transformations” organized by the editors in 2014 at Wayne State University in Detroit. The main argument of the book is that the characterization of postindustrial cities as failing, in decline, and dangerous is a simplistic and misleading assessment. Instead, this book argues that postindustrial cities have a distinct form and being that cannot be understood solely as an afterglow of a now past industrial heyday. Rather, as the editors write, postindustrial cities are “variously inhabited places and emergent ecologies—hybrid metropolises that expand and contract over the course of multi-generational life cycles” (p. 2). The book’s contributors...

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