Monica R. Gisolfi, 2017, The Takeover: Chicken Farming and the Roots of American Agribusiness, Athens, University of Georgia Press, 204 p.

  • Rick Welsh
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This succinct history of the poultry industry authored by Professor Monica R. Gisolfi of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, is divided into four chapters, a foreword, an introduction, and an epilogue. The volume is part of a series entitled Environmental History and the American South and is published by the University of Georgia Press. The foreword is authored by Paul S. Sutter, the founding editor of the series, and is a useful summary of the book. Sutter points out that The Takeover focuses primarily on “the social costs of the rise of poultry production” but also covers the negative environmental consequences of the industry. Indeed, even though the volume is part of an environmental history series, not much attention is paid to environmental issues until the final chapter: From Public Nuisance to Toxic Waste. Also, most of the material concerns the state of Georgia’s poultry industry, but implications are drawn nationally and even globally in the epilogue.

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