Shunsuke Managi, Koichi Kuriyama, 2017, Environmental Economics, New York, USA, Routledge Textbooks In Environmental and Agricultural Economics, 232 p

  • François Salanié
Book Review

This book is not an additional textbook on environmental economics. It is an attempt at conveying the main tools and findings of this field of study to an audience without any “formal knowledge in economics”: government advisors, business people, or policymakers. Such an objective makes the book original in many respects, as we shall see.

The authors are university professors with a dedication to empirical and applied works, and a strong involvement in the management of environmental problems, especially in the domain of urban economics. One may hypothesize that the idea of the book emerged during one more frustrating meeting with policymakers who unfortunately were not able to apply the standard economic approach to address a practical issue. Since policymakers are busy people with no inclination for academic works, one therefore had to first describe real-world problems before gradually introducing economic concepts and results. This is the approach followed in this book, in strong...

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