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Palladium Catalyst Supported on Zeolite for Cross-coupling Reactions: An Overview of Recent Advances

  • Arjun Kumbhar


Over the last 30–40 years, Pd-catalyzed C–C bond-forming reactions have gained immense importance for their use in synthesis of biologically and pharmaceutically important organic fragments. Heterogeneous Pd catalysts supported on porous materials, especially zeolites, have many advantages as they have high surface area with tunable acidity and basicity, hydrophobic and hydrophilic character, shape and size selectivity, as well as chemical and thermal stability. They also offer very easy recovery and reusability. This review covers the literature published on the synthesis and characterization of Pd catalysts supported on zeolites and their applications in various organic transformations.


Palladium Heterogeneous catalysis Supported catalysts Zeolites Coupling reactions 



We wish to express our appreciation to the University Grants Commission, Government of India, New Delhi, for supporting this work under the scheme of Major Research Project [F. No. 41-182/2014 (SR)]. We also partly acknowledge the financial support from the Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology (SERB-DST), Government of India, New Delhi, under the scheme of Start-Up research grants for Young Scientists (SB/FT/CS-153/2013).


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