Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis: Fundamentals, Applications, and Opportunities

  • David C. Miller
  • Kyle T. Tarantino
  • Robert R. Knowles
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  1. Hydrogen Transfer Reactions


Proton-coupled electron transfers (PCETs) are unconventional redox processes in which both protons and electrons are exchanged, often in a concerted elementary step. While PCET is now recognized to play a central a role in biological redox catalysis and inorganic energy conversion technologies, its applications in organic synthesis are only beginning to be explored. In this chapter, we aim to highlight the origins, development, and evolution of the PCET processes most relevant to applications in organic synthesis. Particular emphasis is given to the ability of PCET to serve as a non-classical mechanism for homolytic bond activation that is complimentary to more traditional hydrogen atom transfer processes, enabling the direct generation of valuable organic radical intermediates directly from their native functional group precursors under comparatively mild catalytic conditions. The synthetically advantageous features of PCET reactivity are described in detail, along with examples from the literature describing the PCET activation of common organic functional groups.


Proton-coupled electron transfer Hydrogen atom transfer Free radicals Organic synthesis 



We gratefully acknowledge the NIH (R01 GM113105) for financial support.


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