A High-Gain Interleaved DC–DC Converter with Passive Clamp Circuit and Low Current Ripple


In this paper, a novel non-isolated interleaved DC/DC boost converter is presented in which coupled inductors and a passive clamp circuit are employed. ZCS turn-on condition for main switches is provided, and the stored energy in leakage inductance is recycled by means of a passive clamp circuit. Therefore, the voltage stress across switches is reduced resulting in circuit efficiency improvement. Due to interleaved structure and cross-coupled inductors, the input current ripple is reduced and the input current is continuous. To achieve ZCS turn-on condition, the intrinsic leakage inductance of the coupled inductors is used which leads to improving the power density and reducing the switching losses. In order to confirm the theoretical analysis, a prototype with 30 V input voltage, 300 V output voltage, and 300 W is implemented and tested.

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  • High step-up
  • Interleaved
  • Coupled inductors
  • Passive clamp