A Jamming Approach to Stretchable Haptic Interfaces with Stiffness Variation Capability


Haptic interfaces provide haptic feedback, which can be exerted with different approaches known as stiffening mechanisms. In this paper, five concepts for stretchable stiffening mechanisms based on jamming techniques are introduced. Then, two of them, namely multilayered stiffening (MLS) and shredded paper jamming (SPJ) mechanisms, are selected concerning effective criteria to be experimentally evaluated. While the MLS mechanism can retain its stiffening capability in different interface sizes, the stiffness of the SPJ mechanism is highly dependent on its material density. Several experiments are conducted on both mechanisms. The main focus is on the stiffening capability of the proposed mechanisms in different interface sizes, which makes them an appropriate stiffening mechanism for stretchable haptic interfaces. The results show that the MLS mechanism has superior performance as compared to the SPJ mechanism. Albeit, the SPJ mechanism is a promising approach concerning its simplicity and unique properties.

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  • Haptic interface
  • Hyperelastic material
  • Layer jamming
  • Particle jamming
  • Stiffness variation
  • Variable stiffness