Self-Similar Solution of Radial Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer of a Viscous, Compressible Fluid Impinging on a Rotating Cylinder

  • Asghar B. Rahimi
  • Hamid MohammadiunEmail author
  • Mohammad Mohammadiun
Research Paper


In this study, the radial stagnation point flow of strain rate \(\bar{k}\) impinging on a cylinder rotating at constant angular velocity ω and its heat transfer are investigated. Reduction in the Navier–Stokes equations and energy equation to primary nonlinear ordinary differential equation systems is obtained by use of appropriate transformations when the angular velocity and wall temperature or wall heat flux all are constant. The impinging free stream is steady and normal to the surface from all sides, and the range of Reynolds number variation (\(Re = \bar{k}a^{2} /2\upsilon\)) is 0.1–1000 in which a and υ are cylinder radius and kinematic viscosity, respectively. Flow results are presented for selected values of compressibility factor and different values of Prandtl numbers along with shear stress and Nusselt number. For all values of Reynolds numbers and surface temperature or surface heat flux, as compressibility factor increases the radial velocity field, the heat transfer coefficient and the wall shear stress increase, whereas the angular velocity field decreases. The rotating movement of the cylinder does not have any effect on the radial component of the velocity, but its increase increases the angular component of the fluid velocity field and the surface shear stress.


Stagnation point flow Constant angular velocity Heat transfer Compressibility factor Constant wall temperature and heat flux 

List of symbols


Cylinder radius

\(c(\eta )\)

Density ratio

\(f(\eta )\)

Function of \(\eta\)

\(G(\eta )\)

Function of \(\eta\)


Thermal conductivity


Free stream strain rate


Fluid pressure


Non-dimensional pressure


Prandtl number


Heat flux at the wall

\(r,\phi ,z\)

Cylindrical coordinates

\(Re = \frac{{\bar{k}a^{2} }}{2\upsilon }\)

Reynolds number




Wall temperature

\(T_{\infty }\)

Free stream temperature


Radial component of the velocity


Angular component of the velocity


Axial component of the velocity


Nusselt number

Greek symbols


Compressibility factor

\(\varGamma (\eta )\)

Function related to density


Similarity variable

\(\theta (\eta )\)

Non-dimensional temperature




Kinematic viscosity


Angular velocity of the cylinder

\(\rho (\eta )\)

Fluid density

\(\rho_{\infty }\)

Free stream density


Shear stress


Stream function

\(\hat{\psi } = \frac{\psi }{{0.5\bar{k}a^{3} }}\)

Normalized stream function


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  • Asghar B. Rahimi
    • 1
  • Hamid Mohammadiun
    • 2
    Email author
  • Mohammad Mohammadiun
    • 2
  1. 1.Faculty of EngineeringFerdowsi University of MashhadMashhadIran
  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringShahrood Branch, Islamic Azad UniversityShahroodIran

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