Mechanical Analysis of Arch Support and Rock–Arch Interaction Considering Arch Failure Mechanism


In the process of underground excavation with weak and broken surrounding rock, high-strength arch support is the primary bearing structure to resist rock pressure, especially after shotcrete layer cracks. Field destruction in underground excavation indicates that, with high ground pressure, the primary failure mode of arch is instability failure, which might lead to sudden loss of strength. Therefore, a quantitative analysis of arch instability in tunnel support design is necessary to avoid insufficient support strength so as to ensure the safety of underground engineering. The research method in this paper is based on the application of convergence-confinement method in underground arch support. The modified assumption of support characteristic curve (SCC) is proposed considering the instability failure of arch. The SCC of I-shaped arch and concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) arch is constructed, respectively, based on mechanical analysis and verified by numerical simulation. A parametric analysis is also carried out to provide reference for arch design. Ground reaction curves (GRCs) of tunnel surrounding rocks with different lithology and ground stress considering arch failure mode are obtained to study the rock–arch interaction mechanism. The research results provide a theoretical reference for the design and application of arch support in related projects.

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This work was supported by the Doctoral Research Foundation of Shandong Jianzhu University (Grant/Award Number: XNBS20106) and the Foundation of China State Key Laboratory of High Speed Rail Technology (Grant/Award Number: 2020YJ109).

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  • Arch instability
  • Support characteristic curve
  • Underground excavation
  • Convergence-confinement method