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William A. Schabas: the international criminal court: a commentary on the Rome Statute

Oxford University Press, Oxford (UK), Second Edition, 2016, lxxxix+1541 pp, Hardcover, $330, ISBN 978-019-87-3977-7
  • Manwendra Kumar Tiwari
Book Review

An International Criminal Court, devoid of national and territorial character, meant to effectively guard against impunity for mass criminal atrocities, has been the long cherished desire of the international community. History has been a witness to the necessity of such courts in the aftermath of the arrest of the unimaginable brutalities inflicted upon the people of different communities in different parts of the world. Though, the felt need for such adjudicatory forums withstood the moral conundrum stemming from the charge of ex post facto criminal prosecutions and victor’s justice; the quest to make such prosecutions more civil and organised by establishing a permanent Court was never off the international agenda.

The second edition of ‘The International Criminal Court: A Commentary on the Rome Statute1 authored by renowned academician and expert on International Human Rights Law–Prof. William A. Schabas, after its very well received First edition of the Commentarypublished in...

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