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An Architectural Approach to Level Design

ISBN-10: 1466585412, ISBN-13: 978-1466585416
  • Umran Ali
Book Review


During my literature review on architecture and game design for my Ph.D on natural environment design in games, I identified Christopher Totten, a game designer and academic, as one of the most significant contemporary authors writing about architecture and games design.

Totten’s first book, An Architectural Approach to Level Design, started out as his thesis for a Master’s degree in Architecture, which itself had been inspired by Valve’s Half Life (1998) game. Totten followed this up with emails between him and Chris Chin, a senior level designer (and former architect) at Valve who supported him from the initial idea to completion of the final book.


At close to four hundred pages, An Architectural Approach to Level Designrepresents a significant contemporary landmark study in the field of architecture and games design. Throughout the book there is a strong grounding in game design principles of long established and recognised game theorists such as Eric...


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