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Two-Distance Vertex-Distinguishing Index of Sparse Subcubic Graphs | SpringerLink

Two-Distance Vertex-Distinguishing Index of Sparse Subcubic Graphs


The 2-distance vertex-distinguishing index \(\chi '_\mathrm{d2}(G)\) of a graph G is the minimum number of colors required for a proper edge coloring of G such that any pair of vertices at distance two have distinct sets of colors. It was conjectured that every subcubic graph G has \(\chi '_{\mathrm{d2}}(G)\le 5\). In this paper, we confirm this conjecture for subcubic graphs with maximum average degree less than \(\frac{8}{3}\).

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  • Subcubic graph
  • Maximum average degree
  • Edge coloring
  • 2-Distance vertex-distinguishing index
  • AVD edge coloring

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 05C15