Adjacent Vertex Distinguishing Edge Coloring of Planar Graphs Without 4-Cycles


The adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring of a graph G is a proper edge coloring of G such that the edge coloring set on any pair of adjacent vertices is distinct. The minimum number of colors required for an adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring of G is denoted by \(\chi _{a}'(G)\). It is observed that \(\chi _a'(G)\ge \Delta (G)+1\) when G contains two adjacent vertices of degree \(\Delta (G)\). In this paper, we prove that if G is a planar graph without 4-cycles, then \(\chi _a'(G)\le \max \{9,\Delta (G)+1\}\).

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This research was supported by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. LY18A010014 (Danjun Huang), supported partially by NSFC under Grant No. 11771402 (Weifan Wang).

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  • Adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring
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  • Cycle

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