An analysis of Bingham Fluid and Jeffrey Fluid Flow in a Horizontal Channel with Plug Flow and Heat Transfer


A mathematical model is constructed for MHD flow of Bingham fluid and Jeffrey fluid in a horizontal porous space with heat transfer effect. The dimensionless governing equations for this problem are solved analytically and expressions for velocity and temperature field are presented. Further, impacts of physical parameters on flow and heat transfer charcteristics has been studied and discussed graphically. It is found that increasing viscosity ratio enhances velocity and temperature field whereas thermal conductivity ratio gives the reverse effect. Increasing magnetic field parameter tends to suppress fluid velocity significantly whilst mixed behavior shown in temperature distribution. Velocity of the fluid increased considerably with increasing material parameter whereas the reverse trend can be noticed in temperature distribution. Further, it is observed that pressure gradient influenced significantly on velocity and temperature field. Increasing magnetic parameter reduces mass flow rate whereas it shows opposite trend in shearstress distribution.

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  • Plug flow
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