Improved Fuzzy-Based SVM Classification System Using Feature Extraction for Video Indexing and Retrieval


Various researches have been performed with video abstraction with the constant development of multimedia technology. However, there are some deficiencies that have been encountered in the pre-processing of video frames before attaining classified video archives. To overcome the drawbacks in pre-processing, feature extraction and classification approaches are considered. Here, video indexing has been anticipated with several features’ extraction with dominant frame generation for the input video frame. Fuzzy-based SVM classifier is utilized to categorize frame set into dominant structures. Multi-dimensional Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and colour feature extraction are used to extract texture features from the video frame. Using the frame sequence, the vector space of structures is captured; dominant frameworks are utilized in video indexing. Shot transitions’ classification is done with a fuzzy system. Experimental outcomes demonstrate that shot boundary detection accuracy increases with an increase in iterations. The simulation was carried out in MATLAB environment. This technique attains an accuracy of about 95.4%, the precision of 100%, and the F1 score of 100% and a recall of 100%. The misclassification rate is 4.6%. The proposed method shows better trade-off than the existing techniques.

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  • Multimedia technology
  • Video indexing
  • Feature extraction
  • Fuzzy-based SVM classifier
  • Multi-dimensional Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Colour Feature Extraction