Automatic TDR Monitoring System for Rock Mass Deformation in a Landslide Area


This study employs time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology for the automatic monitoring of a landslide area to explore rock deformation mechanism in comparison with rock cores and to estimate the location of a potential sliding surface and the amount of the sliding. Comparing to the data from the TDR monitoring and rock cores in Lushan landslide area in Taiwan, sliding surfaces of the landslide area occurred mainly at two locations of rock formations. One was located at an interface between colluvium and weathered rock; the other’s location was a buckling type of rock structures associated with slope creeping. Using a regression equation of the relation between TDR reflection coefficients and shear displacements, the magnitude of a TDR-cable deformation in the field can be determined. Resulting from field TDR monitoring, rock mass creep increased from 0 to 0.67 cm at 13.4-, 57.9- and 70.6-m depths of T3 borehole in the landslide area from September 2018 to May 2019. Overall, the TDR technology is practically used for a real-time and automatic slope monitoring system to detect the location and magnitude of sliding surfaces in the landslide area.

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The field test presented in this study was made possible through the support and sponsorship of Second Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways in Taiwan. The consecutive projects including long-term monitoring are proposed and approved by the technical counselling committee on remediation works of the road in Lushan landslide area. Furthermore, the performance evaluation of each project is periodically reviewed by the committee annually.

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