Correction to: Coalfield structure and structural controls on coal in China

Correction to: Int J Coal Sci Technol

The original publication of the article contains incorrect notes in Fig. 1. The correct version of notes in Fig. 1 is provided in this erratum.

Fig. 1 Tectonic framework of coalfields in China. 1—Paleogene–Neogene coal measure; 2—Lower Cretaceous coal measure; 3—Early-Middle Jurassic coal measure; 4—Upper Triassic coal measure; 5—Carboniferous–Permian coal measure; 6—First-level structural boundary; 7—Second-level structural boundary; I: Eastern compound deformation zone; II: Western compressional deformation zone; III: Middle transitional deformation zone; NECCA: North East China coal occurrence area; NCCA: North China coal occurrence area; NWCCA: Northwest China coal occurrence Area; SCCA: South China coal occurrence area; YXCA: Yunnan -Tibet (Xizang) China coal occurrence area

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