Effect of Titanium Nitride, Diamond-Like Carbon and Chromium Carbonitride Coatings on the Life Time of an AISI M2 Steel Punch Forming Tool


In this study, failure analysis of a punch forming tool was studied and three types of coatings were applied to study their effect on the failure of the tool. The coatings were DLC, TiN and CrCN. The PECVD, PVD and TRD methods were used as coating methods. The experimental tests indicate that although there was no evidence of failure of the coated specimens, there were some microscopic defects in coatings which had some negative effects on surface quality of products. All punch forming tools were studied via FE-SEM microscope with EDS analysis. From an industrial perspective, the capital return rate of TiN coating was very high. Both DLC and chromium carbonitirde coated specimens had the same negative relative difference which means their results were worse than the uncoated specimens. The life times for the DLC, CrCN and TiN-coated specimens were respectively 1.5, 2.3 and 8 times more than that of the uncoated specimen. The roughness of specimens after 100,000 cycles were 21.021 ± 0.001, 2.024 ± 0.001, 4.031 ± 0.001 and 1.213 ± 0.001 µm for uncoated, DLC, CrCN and TiN-coated specimens, respectively. High surface hardness of the TiN coating delayed the deformation in punch forming tools and the formation of surface defects and prolonged the life time of the tool.

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This research was supported completely by Foulad Fam Company and the authors would like to thank Mr. Ali Goorani (Factory manager) and Mr. Safar Esmailzadeh (Technical manager) because of their supportive colaboration in providing necessary facilities to do this research and their helpful ideas.

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