Li, Quan: The Idea of Governance and the Spirit of Chinese Neoliberalism

Springer, 2017, 248 p, $119.99 Hardcover; $89.00 eBook
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Book Review

How do scholars of politics and public administration react to and advocate for government reforms in an authoritarian state like China? Quan Li’s book on the spread of governance theory and the rise of neoliberalism in China provides an interesting case for an exploration of this question. Based on textual analysis of articles by governance scholars in China and interviews with them, Li argues that the idea of governance introduced by political scholars from the mid-1990s was incorporated into the neoliberal reform in China.

In Li’s telling, after 1989, political scholars in China no longer had the political space to spread liberal and democratic ideas and advocate for political reforms as they once did in the 1980s (p. 128). To provide new momentum to the study of political science as well as social (and possibly political) change, political scholars in China were eager to find something new that could fit into the political discourse of the Communist Party and also pave the way for...

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