Table 1 DEM input parameters considered throughout the two studies

From: A multivariate regression parametric study on DEM input parameters of free-flowing and cohesive powders with experimental data-based validation

Material parameter/contact model Symbol Unit Value
Contact model    Hertz–Mindlin
Rolling friction model EPSD2 Alternative elastic–plastic spring-dashpot model
Cohesion contact model2 SJKR Modified simplified Johnson–Kendall–Roberts model
Young’s modulus funnel1 YF GPa 200
Young’s modulus catching container1 YC GPa 67.8
Poisson’s ratio funnel1 ν   0.28
Poisson’s ratio catching container1 ν   0.21
Poisson’s ratio particle ν   0.3
Coefficient of restitution particle–wall epw   0.2
Coefficient of rolling friction particle–wall µr,pw   0.2
Coefficients of restitution and friction wall–wall    0.2
Acceleration due to gravity g m/s2 9.81
Cohesion energy density particle–wall2 Cpw J/m3 1000
Cohesion energy density wall–wall2 Cww J/m3 100
  1. 1[69]
  2. 2Set for the cohesion study