Infective endocarditis in elderly and very elderly patients



To compare the clinical and epidemiological characteristics and the evolution of infective endocarditis in adults aged under 65 years, 65–79 years, and 80 years or older.


An observational retrospective cohort study in patients with infective endocarditis was performed in a public hospital in Spain from January 2013 to December 2017.


Seventy-two patients were treated: 26 (36.1%) were under 65 years old, 28 (38.9%) were 65–79 years old, and 18 (25%) were aged 80 or older. Prosthetic valve endocarditis was less common in patients aged 65–79 years (3.6%) than in younger (23.1%; p = 0.047) or older (38.9%; p = 0.004) patients. In contrast, degenerative heart disease was more prevalent in the 65–79 year age group [64.3% compared to 15.4% (p < 0.001) in the youngest group, and 33.3% (p = 0.04) in the oldest]. Surgical interventions were similar in patients aged 65–79 (50%) and under 65 years (42.3%), but less common in people over 80 years (16.7%; p = 0.022).


The characteristics of infective endocarditis are different in patients aged 65–79 years and in those over 80 years.

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Data availability

Data are available from the authors upon reasonable request


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We thank the staff at the Infectious Diseases Unit, the Cardiology Service and the Cardiac Surgery Service for their participation in caring for the patients. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Meggan Harris in translating our manuscript from Spanish.


The authors did not receive funding for this study.

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MME: data collection, data analysis, manuscript writing, and final manuscript approval. JMRR: study conception, study, design, data analysis, manuscript writing, and final manuscript approval. EML: data collection, data analysis, manuscript writing, and final manuscript approval. SEB: data collection, data analysis, and final manuscript approval. DTT: data collection, data analysis, and final manuscript approval. VCP: data collection, data analysis, and final manuscript approval. VB: manuscript writing and final manuscript approval. JPS: study conception, study design, data collection, data analysis, manuscript writing, and final manuscript approval.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to José M. Ramos-Rincón.

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All authors report no conflict of interest.

Statement of human and animal rights

All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the Ethical Committee of the General University Hospital of Alicante (CEIm PI 2018/105) and with the 1964 Helsinki declaration. The study was not conducted with animals.

Informed consent

The Ethics Committee approved an exception to the rules on informed consent because it was a retrospective study.

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