Development of Design Chart for Jute Geotextiles Reinforced Low Volume Road Section by Finite Element Analysis


A 3D finite element (FE) analysis has been carried out to propose a design chart for Sand-Jute geotextiles-Sand (SJS) reinforced low volume road section on soft subgrade foundation. The SJS (Jute geotextile with a thin layer of sand on each side of it) layer has been placed in between the subgrade soil and the top granular layer. In the present FE analysis, nonlinear behaviour of low volume road materials has been considered. The rutting behaviour of a low volume road section with jute geotextiles reinforcement layer has been investigated. Results of the FE analysis reveal that the improvement due to jute geotextiles is more pronounced in road sections with thin top granular layer than in other sections. An attempt has also been made to study the mobilization of tensile strength of jute geotextiles under small and large rut depths. In the case of large rut depth (75 mm), it has been found that a minimum thickness of the top granular layer of 0.2 m is adequate for woven jute geotextiles with stiffness of 20 kN/m. For benefit of the practising engineers dealing with designing jute geotextiles reinforced low volume road section, a design chart has been proposed for 50-mm rut depth.

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Canterbury accelerated pavement testing indoor facility


California bearing ratio


California bearing ratio of top granular layer


California bearing ratio of subgrade soil


commercial vehicles per day


reinforced low volume road section after degradation of JGT


equivalent standard axle load


finite element


finite element method


Indian Road Congress Standard Practice


Jute geotextiles


low volume road


machine direction


reinforced low volume road section before degradation of JGT




unreinforced low volume road section


unconsolidated undrained


cross-machine direction


two dimensional


three dimensional

A :

the actual area of a tyre imprint

β :

angle of internal friction for Drucker-Prager plasticity

d :

cohesion intercept for Drucker-Prager plasticity

c GL :

cohesion of top granular layer material

c u :

undrained cohesion of subgrade soil

E GL :

resilient modulus of top granular layer material

h :

thickness of top granular layer

ϕGL :

angle of internal friction of top granular layer material

M R :

resilient modulus of subgrade soil

N :

number of load repetitions of an axle load, P (kN)

N s :

number of repetitions of an axle load, Ps (kN)

P s :

equivalent static load

P :

one fourth of transient axle load

P c :

tyre contact pressure

P W :

wheel load

T MJ :

the percent utilization of JGT strength

T JUlt :

the ultimate tensile strength of the JGT

u x :

displacement in x-direction

u y :

displacement in y-direction

ϕ SG :

angle of internal friction of subgrade soil layer

σ J :

major principle stress in JGT

σ x :

maximum horizontal stress in x-direction

σ y :

maximum horizontal stress in y-direction

τ xy :

shear stress in xy-plane


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The authors express their sincere gratitude to the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, for allowing us the facility of numerical analysis and continuous support to carry out the research work.

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  • Jute geotextiles
  • FEM
  • Design chart
  • Tensile strength