Decentralized stabilization of a class of large scale networked control systems based on modified event-triggered scheme


In this paper, a new method is proposed to design a decentralized \(H_\infty \) dynamic output feedback controller for a class of large scale event-triggered networked control systems. The networked control system is modeled based on a modified event-triggered scheme. In addition to the time interval between triggers, the characteristics of network communication are also considered. The time delay and packet loss are two important phenomena and are inevitable in networked control systems. A time delay model is presented to collect all types of delay and packet loss in the event-triggered networked control system. Also, dynamic delays between subsystems are considered. Based on this model, some new sufficient conditions are given to guarantee the stability and the \(H_\infty \) performance, based on LKF and integral estimation. The mixed Wirtinger–Jensen inequality is proposed to derive less conservative synthesis conditions in terms of linear matrix inequalities. A decentralized event-triggered dynamic output feedback controller is designed based on the required stability conditions. Simulation results of a two coupled inverted pendulum and continuous stirred-tank reactors show the effectiveness of the proposed method, which guarantees the asymptotical stability with less number of data packets and the more maximum allowable time interval between packet releases, in comparison with the common networked control schemes.

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