Some applications of extended calculus to non-Newtonian flow in pipes


Fractional and non-Newtonian calculus are an extension of classical calculus, usually known for providing new mathematical tools useful in science, developed from alternative approaches. Among fractional calculus, Riemann-Liouville and Caputo fractional derivatives have been the most popular operators employed in spite of their complexity. In this work, two novel and compact methods are presented as an alternative to the fractional calculation options. To test the feasibility of proposed methods, three classical fluid mechanic problems are studied: the flow through circular pipe, parallel plates and annulus, by modifying the constitutive equations into their fractional equivalent. On the other hand, a new weighted non-Newtonian derivative is proposed to extend the possibilities to model fluid viscosity based on the influence of nonadjacent layers, using the pipe flow as an example. Results show that proposed fractional models can describe shear-thinning and shear-thickening behaviors depending on the fractional order of the derivative, while the weighted derivative allows to expand the way viscosity is modeled, demonstrating the suitability of these approaches to describe physical problems.

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