Robust project of resonant shunt circuit for passive vibration control of composite structures


Composite structures have been widely used in petroleum, aerospace and automotive industries for which structural components must be designed to support high levels of mechanical disturbances with typically high reliability levels. Moreover, the increasing high-speed and lightweight composite structures subjected to vibrations, and the interest in achieving vibration attenuation becomes capital importance as extensive vibrations can reduce structural life and contribute to mechanical failure. In this sense, smart materials can be used as an excellent alternative, being able to stabilize these structures. Thus, the use of shunted piezoceramics has received major attention in the last decades. The contribution intended herein is the proposition of a robust passive vibration control tool by using resonant shunt circuits. The stochastic finite element method is used, and the uncertain variables are modeled as Gaussian random fields and discretized in accordance with the Karhunen–Loève expansion method. Numerical applications are presented, and the main features and capabilities of the proposed method are highlighted.

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The authors are grateful to CNPq for the continued support to their research activities through the research grant 306138/2019-0 (A.M.G. de Lima). It is also important to express the acknowledgements to the FAPEMIG, especially to the research projects APQ-01865 and PPM-0058-18 (A.M.G. de Lima) and APQ-01865-18 (Manzanares-Filho).

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  • Stochastic modeling
  • Composite materials
  • Passive vibration control
  • Piezoelectric shunt circuits
  • Uncertainty propagation