A Method for Online Identification of a Subset of Synchronous Generator Fundamental Parameters from Monitoring Systems Data


Monitoring systems are common in small and large power plants, providing measurements of basic electrical, mechanical and thermal variables. These measurements can be used for the identification of the synchronous generator parameters. In this paper, a simple method for the identification of a subset of synchronous generator parameters, using basic measurements provided by monitoring systems, is proposed. The identification is performed in normal operating conditions using a synchronous machine simplified model suited for operating conditions under small disturbances. Three identification models are derived, each one depending on a subset of parameters. Three optimization subproblems are then solved by minimizing the residues between each model output and a system measurement. The resulting nonlinear least squares problems are solved by the interior-point method taking into account constraints on the parameters range. A method is proposed to estimate the load angle which is required in the identification. Results are presented for synthetic data and real data, from a 25 MVA generator in a hydroelectric power plant.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the Southern Brazil utility CEEE, specially engineer Jeferson M. Rodrigues, for technical support and AQTech engineers Tiago Matsuo and Bruno de Borba for installation and software development of the monitoring system used in the real data results.

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  • Parameters identification
  • Synchronous generator
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