Congruences for Partition Quadruples with t-Cores


Let Ct(n) denote the number of partition quadruples of n with t-cores for t = 3,5,7,25. We establish some Ramanujan type congruences modulo 5, 7, 8 for Ct(n). For example, n ≥ 0, we have

$$ \begin{array}{@{}rcl@{}} C_{5}(5n+4)&\equiv& 0\pmod{5},\\ C_{7}(7n+6)&\equiv& 0\pmod{7},\\ C_{3}(16n+14)&\equiv& 0\pmod{8}. \end{array} $$

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  • Congruences
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  • t-core partition

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