Commentary to “The Possible Role of Nutraceuticals in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease”

  • Massimo R. Mannarino
  • Vanessa Bianconi
  • Matteo PirroEmail author
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The treatment of metabolic cardiovascular (CV) risk factors through lifestyle modifications and pharmacotherapy is one of the pivotal points of CV prevention. Although current preventive strategies have resulted in a decline in mortality in the past few decades, CV diseases still represent the main cause of deaths worldwide [1]. Therefore, the improvement of current therapeutic approaches and possibly the proposal of new, safe, effective and largely applicable intervention strategies are warranted in order to reduce the impact of metabolic risk factors on CV mortality and morbidity. In recent years, great attention has been paid to dietary supplementation with natural compounds, mainly derived from plants, with variable evidence of a beneficial impact on health: these are the so-called nutraceuticals. The demand for these products has grown in the last years due to their theoretical good tolerability, patients’ propensity to use products of “natural origin”, and last but not least for...


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