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First reports of adverse drug reactions

Drug Reactions and Interactions
Table  1 contains an overview of first published case reports of adverse drug reactions identified in the international literature in recent weeks by Reactions Weekly, the Adis drug safety newsletter. Reactions Weekly provides summaries of adverse drug reaction news sourced from journals, scientific meetings, media releases, regulatory agency websites, and bulletins from the National Centers that participate in the WHO International Drug Monitoring Programme.
Table 1

First published reports of adverse drug reactions recently identified by Reactions Weekly

Drug and adverse reaction


Aflibercept: ischaemic colitis (serious)

Batteux B, Gras V, Mahboud Y, et al. Ischaemic colitis associated with intravitreal administration of aflibercept: a first case report. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2019;85(4):845–8.

Atezolizumab: acute macular neuroretinopathy and diffuse retinal venulitis (serious)

Emens LA, Davis SL, Oliver SCN, et al. Association of cancer...

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