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Comment on: “Safety of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: An Updated Review”

  • Manuel Martínez-Lavín
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

In their updated literature review of HPV vaccine safety, Phillips et al. focused on the new 9-valent HPV vaccine, and on adverse events of special interest. Their conclusion was that “The risk–benefit profile for HPV vaccines remains highly favourable” [1]. Our recent analysis of the same scientific literature reached an opposite conclusion [2]. Our divergent opinion is based on the following reasoning.

The Phillips et al. review found no increased risk of death in bivalent HPV vaccine clinical trials [1]. Our analysis did [2]. The VIVIANE study compared 2871 women receiving aluminum placebo, with 2881 women injected with the bivalent HPV vaccine. The bivalent HPV vaccine group had more deaths on follow-up (14 vs 3, p = 0.012 by Fisher’s exact test). None of the deaths were believed to be related to vaccination [3].

Phillips et al. state: “Data from clinical trials reported a similar safety profile for the 9-valent HPV vaccine as for 4-valent HPV vaccine” [1]. Our...


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