In Situ TiC/FeCrNiCu High-Entropy Alloy Matrix Composites: Reaction Mechanism, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties


In situ TiC particles-reinforced FeCrNiCu high-entropy alloy matrix composites were prepared by vacuum induction melting method. The reaction mechanisms of the mixed powder (Ti, Cu and C) were analyzed, and the mechanical properties of resultant composites were determined. Cu4Ti were formed in the reaction of Cu and Ti when the temperature rose to 1160 K. With the temperature further increased to 1182 K, newly formed Cu4Ti reacted with C to give rise to TiC particles as reinforcement agents. The apparent activation energy for these two reactions was calculated to be 578.7 kJ/mol and 1443.2 kJ/mol, respectively. The hardness, tensile yield strength and ultimate tensile strength of the 15 vol% TiC/FeCrNiCu composite are 797.3 HV, 605.1 MPa and 769.2 MPa, respectively, representing an increase by 126.9%, 65.9% and 36.0% as compared to the FeCrNiCu high-entropy base alloy at room temperature. However, the elongation-to-failure is reduced from 21.5 to 6.1% with the formation of TiC particles. It was revealed that Orowan mechanism, dislocation strengthening and load-bearing effect are key factors responsible for a marked increase in the hardness and strength of the high-entropy alloy matrix composites.

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This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51571118 and 51371098) and the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Plan Project (No. BE2018753/KJ185629). Zong-Han Xie acknowledges the support of the Australian Research Council Discovery Projects.

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  • High-entropy alloy matrix composite
  • TiC particle
  • Reaction mechanism
  • Mechanical properties
  • Strengthening mechanism