Effects of operating parameters on weld bead morphology with welding operations of API 5L X70 steel pipes by SMAW process


The work presented in this paper deals with the study of the influence of the operating parameters of welding on observables which are the geometrical characteristics of the melted zone. In this study, the method implemented is of the SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding) manual arc type and is used to assemble the pipes through the filling of a V-shaped chamfer between two tubes 1219.5 mm in diameter, 13 mm thick, and a material of grade X70 steel. In order to increase the productivity and reliability of the chamfer filling operation, we used the experimental designs method, on the one hand to estimate the effects of the operating parameters and their interactions on several functions characterizing the morphology of the weld bead, and on the other hand, to provide a mathematical model that links the welding process operating parameters to the objective functions studied.

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  • Pipe welding
  • SMAW process
  • Experimental designs
  • Weld bead morphology
  • Response surfaces