Management of Congenital Cytomegalovirus-Related Hearing Loss


Purpose of Review

The aim of this report is to review the current literature regarding the diagnosis, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV)–associated sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).

Recent Findings

Hearing-targeted CMV screening is successful in identifying cases of cCMV-related hearing loss. However, a significant number of children who develop cCMV-related SNHL may not be detected on newborn hearing screening, and it may be cost-effective to implement a universal CMV screening program. We also broadly review the management and audiologic rehabilitation of cCMV-associated hearing loss, including cochlear implantation.


Congenital CMV is a common cause of childhood SNHL. CMV testing is important for the workup and management of unknown SNHL. Antiviral therapies are currently only indicated in those with symptomatic cCMV infection and is currently under investigation in children with isolated SNHL. Hearing status is closely followed, and rehabilitation strategies are similar to other etiologies of congenital SNHL, and may include hearing amplification, speech therapy, and cochlear implantation.

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