Table 3 Non-PBA double-blind DM/Q clinical investigational studies

From: Review of Dextromethorphan 20 mg/Quinidine 10 mg (NUEDEXTA®) for Pseudobulbar Affect

Syndrome or symptom Primary diagnosis Treatment arms; study design Main efficacy measures
Neuropathic pain MS DM/Q 45/10 mg, DM/Q 30/10 mg, and DM/Q 20/10 mg vs. placebo; parallel groups; 12 weeks Pain Rating Scale
Bulbar dysfunction ALS DM/Q 20/10 mg vs. placebo; crossover; 4 weeks of each treatment Center for Neurologic Study-Bulbar Function Scale; CNS-LS
Maladaptive behaviors; aggressive behavior Autism DM/Q 20/10 mg vs. placebo; crossover; 8 weeks of each treatment Aberrant Behavior Checklist, irritability subscale; Overt Aggression Scale
Agitation AD DM/Q 20/10 mg vs. placebo; parallel groups; 10 weeks Neuropsychiatric Inventory
Levodopa-induced dyskinesia PD DM/Q 45/10 mg vs. placebo; crossover; 2 weeks of each treatment Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale
  1. As listed at
  2. AD Alzheimer’s disease, ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, CNS-LS Center for Neurologic Study-Lability Scale, DM/Q dextromethorphan/quinidine, MS multiple sclerosis, PBA pseudobulbar affect, PD Parkinson’s disease