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New Wheels Made of Steel — Light and Stylish

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Thanks to the combination of high-performance steels and innovative manufacturing technologies, ThyssenKrupp is developing lightweight wheels which are up to 20 % lighter than current production steel wheels. In parallel, this is leading to a modular design engineering principle for an attractive visual appearance and high design flexibility. The steel wheels which have been developed are lighter and less expensive than modern aluminum wheels as well as being more ecological over the life cycle as a whole. One further highlight is the 20-inch hybrid wheel manufactured from steel and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which sets new standards in terms of its concept, lightweight engineering and design.

A wheel serves to connect and to transfer power between the tire and axle and has to meet the highest standards of safety. During vehicle operation, it is subject to changing dynamic and abrupt stresses, which it has to permanently withstand throughout the life of the vehicle. The...

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